Device for High Efficiency Cell Encapsulation using Novel On-Demand Droplet Generation and Impedance-Based Detection

Tech ID: 21236

Brief Description
Researchers have developed a novel microfluidic device that is capable of encapsulating cells at a very high efficiency. The device integrates impedance measurement with a novel on-demand droplet generation process to enable the selective generation of droplets that contain encapsulated cells only when a cell is present. This ensures that a high percentage of cells are encapsulated rather than droplets that do not contain cells.

The device consists of two main components –
1. the impedance sensor and 2. the on-demand droplet generator.

When the sensing electrodes of the impedance sensor detects a change in impedance caused by a cell, the cell is coupled with a droplet.

Suggested uses
This device may be used to encapsulate cells for assays and the formation of encapsulated cells for implantation. In addition a heterogeneous population of cells may be characterized and identified by using this device.

State Of Development
A prototype device has been built.

Patent Status
Patent Pending

Inventor(s): Lee, Abraham P.; Lin, Robert; Prieto, Javier L.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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