Electrolytic Copper Foil and Copper-clad Laminate

To provide an electrodeposited copper foil having flexibility and bending property equivalent to or better than that of rolled copper foil, an electrodeposited copper foil wherein regarding a crystal structure after heat treatment is applied to the electrodeposited copper foil wherein LMP defined as formula 1 is 9000 or more, either color tone of a red system or a blue system occupies 80% or more in a surface in the EBSP analysis is provided. LMP = T + 273 * 20 + Log t wherein 20 is a material constant of copper, T is temperature ( DEG C), and t is time (Hr). Preferably, relative intensity of (331) face against (111) face is 15 or more in the X-ray diffraction of the electrodeposited copper foil after the heat treatment is applied to the electrodeposited copper foil.

JP 2,009,062,362


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