Horizontal Conveyance Mechanism for Self-propelled Carriage

A conveyance mechanism having rails (10) horizontally and vertically laid in a building, racks (20) laid along the rails, wheels (31, 32) for traveling on the rail, and a self-propelled carriage (30) having pinions (33, 34) meshing with the racks and a drive section for the pinions and on which a load is placed. The rails have a curve section in which they change the direction from horizontal to vertical or from vertical to horizontal, and also have a vertical section continuing to the horizontal section. In the two sections above, the rails have rails (11) for the pinions, having the racks meshing with the pinions, and also have rails (12) for the travel wheels, installed in parallel with and separated from the rails for the pinions. The carriage have, on its left and right sides, the pinions meshing with the rails for the pinions and the travel wheels supported on the rails for the travel wheels. Also, the rails for the pinions and the rails for the travel wheels are arranged so that the carriage can move in a horizontal position in the curve section and the vertical section continuing to the curve section.

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JP 2,007,061,020


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