Leg Shield for Vehicle

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide leg shields for a vehicle capable of supplying an adequate amount of air to feet, and supporting a door stably. ; SOLUTION: A pair of right and left leg shields 37 covering the foot sections of a rider from the front is provided with a shield body 40 with an opening 39 positioned ahead of a foot placing section 25, and the door 43 opening/closing the opening 39 by being rotated around the rotating shaft center C. The door 43 is rotatably supported at one end 43a and the other end 43b in the rotating shaft center C direction by a first door supporting section 69 and a second door supporting section 70. The rotating shaft center C is positioned separately on the inner face side of the shield body 40 from the opening 39, and the first door supporting section 69 and the second door supporting section 70 are positioned off from the opening 39 in a front view. ; COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT

Attached files:
2010013005 Drw.pdf

JP 2,010,013,005

Inventor(s): NAKAMURA KOZO

Type of Offer: Sale

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