Triorgano(amino)borates: Activation of Alkali Metal Amides, Converting Alkali Metal Amides Into Hydrocarbon-soluble Reagents

The invention relates to triorgamo(amino)borates and to the production and use thereof.

Object of the invention is it to make a chemical compound available those the synthesis of new chemical products allowed and/or. with their assistance existing, aufwändige or less inefficient reaction processes optimized to become to be able. Object was to be made available it thus such a chemical compound, which overcomes in particular the disadvantages of alkali metal amides. A such chemical compound is to exhibit the alkali metal amides opposite significant increased reactivity and nevertheless simple be and despite the high reactivity in a controlled reaction the desired product reacted to become more processable be able. It should be among other things to the use as base suitable, similar as sodium amide, and furthermore elements with one or more NH2-Funktionen bottom careful conditions offer the possibility to modify. Object was it also to make functional devices available for the synthesis of Duromervorläuferverbindungen or ceramics. For these uses the suitable compound is to manufacture simple and inexpensive and be more available good and find due to their excellent physical and chemical properties in as much as possible different ranges of the chemistry application.

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DE 1,020,090,246,091


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