Self-calibrating multiplication circuit for stationary reference current - produces most significant bit currents from parallel current cells switched to comparison and correction current rails

Each circuit cell (A1-An) includes a FET (1) gated from a control amplifier (4), whose noninverting input is connected to a capacitor (5) and current switch (6), and the inverting input to an equalising current source (2) and to the source electrode of the FET (1). The drain electrode is switched (7) to a comparison current rail (8) while the other switch (6) connects the amplifier (4) to a correction current rail (12) from the output (11) of an evaluation circuit (B). USE/ADVANTAGE - Esp. in monolithic integrated digital to analogue converter. Current errors arising from automatic analogue adjustment of equally weighted currents are reduced considerably.

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DE 4,041,372

Inventor(s): GUSTAT HANS [DE]

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