Communication System, Transmission Device, Reception Device, Communication Method, and Program

The present invention relates to a communication system capable of performing efficient data transmission in HDMI(R) and the like, a transmission apparatus, a receiving apparatus, a communication method, and a program. An HDMI(R) source 53 determines whether or not an HDMI(R) sink 61 can receive a sub-signal on the basis of VSDB of E-EDID. When the HDMI(R) sink 61 can receive the sub-signal, the HDMI(R) source 53 adds a sub-signal to pixel data of a main image composed of pixel data whose number of bits is smaller than that of transmission pixel data transmitted by a transmitter 72, thereby constructing transmission pixel data. This data is transmitted by the transmitter 72 through TMDS channels #0 to #2. Furthermore, the HDMI(R) source 53 transmits a general control packet containing sub-signal information indicating whether or not the sub-signal is contained in the transmission pixel data in the control period of a vertical blanking period. The present invention can be applied to, for example, HDMI(R).

US 2,009,278,984

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