Probe for Detecting a Particular Nucleic Acid Sequence

The invention relates to a detection molecule (triplex Molecular Beacon, tMB) for detecting a particular nucleic acid sequence, in particular for detecting a single nucleotide mismatch in a target nucleic acid. Such a detection molecule comprises a) an oligonucleotide, and b) a probe comprising a first stem forming portion with a fluorophore for generating a detection signal, a second stem forming portion with a quencher for quenching the detection signal from the fluorophore when the quencher is in proximity to the fluorophore, and a loop forming portion located between the first and the second stem forming portion, for allowing the first stem forming portion to form a stem structure together with the second stem forming portion of the probe and with the oligonucleotide.; According to the invention, the oligonucleotide comprises a portion allowing it to form a triplex structure with the first and second stem forming portions of the probe.

WO 2,008,142,571


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