Phase Change Devices and Methods for their Manufacture

A phase change memory element can be temperature-controlled in order to change the crystal structure of at least a part of the memory element from a first structure (amorphous) to a second structure (crystalline), these structures having different electrical resistivity. A templating interface is provided in contact with the phase change memory element to promote, on phase change of the element, the crystallization of at least a part of the phase change element into the second structure. The second structure is different to the preferred crystal structure of a bulk material of the same composition under the same temperature control as the phase change element. The phase change element comprises Sb with one or more of Ge, As, Te, Sr, S, Sn, In, Ga, Pb, Se, e.g. Sb85Ge15. The material of the templating interface can be selected from Sr-Se materials, Sr-S materials, SrSe, and SrS.

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WO 2,010,106,305


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