Retention of a Stem Cell Phenotype

A method for promoting the retention of a stem cell phenotype in a population of stem cells. A biocompatible substrate is provided, e.g. in the form of cultureware. The substrate has an arrangement of topographical features arrayed in a pattern based on a notional symmetrical lattice in which the distance between nearest neighbour notional lattice points is between 10 nm and 10 [mu]m, and wherein the topographical features are either located in register with the respective notional lattice points or are locally misordered such that the centre of each topographical feature is at most 10% of the distance between nearest neighbour notional lattice points from its respective notional lattice point. A population of stem cells is provided in contact with said arrangement of topographical features. Culturing the population of stem cells under conditions that allow the stem cells to proliferate allows the retention of the stem cell phenotype in the population of stem cells.

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WO 2,010,094,944


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