A Method of Detecting a Subject At Risk Of, Or Having, an Indication Associated with Coronary Artery Disease

There are disclosed methods and biomarkers for detecting an indication associated with, or risk of, coronary artery disease In an embodiment, a method includes obtaining a sample including bone marrow-derived cells and a growth factor; measuring a ratio of cell count of the cells and concentration of growth factor, and determining, based on the ratio of the cells and the concentration of the growth factor, risk of coronary artery disease In another embodiment, a biomarker includes a ratio of a cell count of bone marrow-depved cells and a concentration of a growth factor, measured in a biological sample including the bone marrow-derived cells and the growth factor, the ratio of the cell count of the bone marrow-derived cells and the concentration of the growth factor measured in the sample, determining whether the subject has the indication associated with coronary artery disease Other embodiments are also disclosed.

WO 2,009,152,619


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