Two stroke internal combustion engine with a blower air reservoir

A two-stroke internal combustion engine has a cylinder 10 with an intake port 18 and an exhaust port 14, and an external air blower 22 for generating pressurised air to charge the cylinder 10 and to scavenge exhaust gases remaining in the cylinder. A blower air reservoir 20 is connected to the air blower 22 and to the intake port 18 of the cylinder for storing excess air generated by the air blower 22 and not used by the engine when the engine is operating in idling and low load conditions and the blower air output rate exceeds the engine air demand rate. The blower air reservoir 20 is preferably connected to the intake port 18 via a butterfly throttle 32, to regulate the flow of pressurised air and to avoid overcharging, and release valve 26. The air blower 22 may be intermittently switched off or bypassed. A compressed air reservoir 24 may also be provided to enable recovery of kinetic energy on braking which may be used for restarting after temporary stops.

GB 2,473,446


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