Gyroscopic controllable moment generator adapted for use onboard a marine vessel

A gyrostabiliser system is provided comprising: at least two flywheels 14,14', each having a respective spin axis; a first drive system 18,18', adapted to rotate the at least two flywheels 14,14', about their respective spin axes; at least two gimbal supports 10,10' each being arranged, in use, to mount a respective flywheel 14,14', to a fixed base 4, each flywheel 14,14' being rotatably mounted in a respective gimbal support 10,10', each gimbal support 10,10', being rotatably mountable to the fixed base 4 for rotation about a nutation axis which is orthogonal to the spin axis of the respective flywheel 14,14'; a second drive system 20 adapted to rotate the gimbal supports 10,10', and the respective flywheel 14,14' mounted therein; and a control system for controlling the second drive system 20 and adapted selectively to switch it between an oscillatory mode, for causing oscillatory nutation of the gimbal supports 10,10', and a continuous mode, for causing continuous nutation of the gimbal supports 10,10'. The system is particularly suited to improving the motion characteristics of a marine vessel subject to uncontrolled and undesirable movements resulting from wave and/or wind forces.

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