An Infant Incubator with Radiant Heater

An infant incubator comprises a radiant means (30) with an infrared heater (12). A infant bed (16) is provided under the radiant means (30) and includes a humidifier (7) and a second temperature controller (18). A transparent sphere cover (6) is mounted around the bed (16), and a cover board (28) for directing air, which includes an air outlet (32) and an air return inlet (33), and a volute casing (19 ) which includes a recirculating blower are provided under the bed (16). The second temperature controller (18) and the humidifier (7) generate wet and warm air, and the air flows through the recirculating blower, the air outlet (32), and then is directed by the cambered surface of the cover (6) to the surface of the bed (16), finally, enters the air return inlet (33) and a circle is formed for keeping the temperature and humidity of the incubator uniform relatively.

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CN 2,009,089,666

Inventor(s): HATADA, Masahiro

Type of Offer: Sale

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