Stent Delivery Devices, Systems & Methods

The present invention relates to devices, systems and methods to maintain self- expanding stents in a compressed form during delivery and positioning at a treatment site. Such a device may comprise a cylindrically-shaped material with a plurality of slots which are spaced on said material to accept sections of a self-expanding stent wherein said material has a tensile strength that is sufficient to maintain said self-expanding stent in a compressed form when said accepted sections of said stent are positioned within said slots. it may comprise one or more tethers which can maintain a self-expanding stent in its compressed form when said self-expanding stent is disposed over the distal end of a catheter. The device may comprise a flexible sheath and one or more partially open channels which accept portions of a stent within them and can retain said stent in a compressed form during delivery to a treatment site.

US 2,049,050

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