Mounting Method Using Thermocompression Head

The present invention provides a mounting method using a thermocompression head which can mount an electric component in a short time with high connection reliability. The method is provided for mounting an electric component (20) on a wiring board (10) by using a thermocompression head (3) having an elastic pressure bonding member (7) composed of an elastomer on a heatable metal head main body (5). In the method, after arranging an adhesive agent on a mounting region on the wiring board (10), an electric component (20) is arranged on a mounting region, and the electric component (20) is bonded on the wiring board (10) by thermocompression by using the thermocompression head (3). At the time of performing thermocompression bonding, while pressing a top region (21) of the electric component (20) by a metal portion of the head main body (5), and adhesive (30) in the vicinity of a side portion region (22) of the electric component (20) is pressed by a taper section (7a) of the elastic adhesive member (7).

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JP 2,043,142

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