Ambulatory Aid with a Power Unit

A device comprising an ambulatory aid, the device comprising a distal end, a load, a first portion positioned at, or close to the distal end and adapted to allow the device to move along a surface, a second portion spaced apart from the first portion and the distal end and adapted to allow a user to be attached to, or hold the device, and a power unit operably connected to the first portion, the device having a deployed position in which the device is moveable, and is supported by the user, movement of the device being powered by the power unit.

This invention relates to a device comprising an ambulatory aid, a method for assisting humans or animals to walk, and a method of walking. There are many circumstances under which a person may require assistance in walking. One such situation is after a person has had one or both legs amputated resulting in the loss of ankle and/or knee function in the amputated leg.

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