Methods and Devices for Continuous Suture Passing

Described herein are suture passers for suturing tissue in a continuous manner by passing a suture attached to a suture shuttle through. A suture passer may include a first jaw, a second jaw, and a tissue penetrator that is retractable and extendable from the first jaw. The tissue penetrator may have a suture shuttle engagement region, and the second jaw may include a shuttle dock. The suture shuttle may be transferred between the first and second jaws as the tissue penetrator is extended from the first jaw and engages the second jaw. In some variations of the tissue passer, one or both jaws are tissue penetrating. In some variations, the jaws open in parallel allowing large tissue regions to be positioned between the jaws. Methods of using these devices are also described, as are systems and kits including these devices.

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WO 2,009,005,527

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