Transmission Cable

A transmission cable has multiple signal lines 2 formed on one side of an insulation layer 1 and a ground line 3 between the signal lines 2. The ground line 3 is electrically connected to a shield layer 4 formed on a back surface side of the insulation layer 1 and to a noise suppressing layer 6 having a high electric resistance value than the shield layer 4 via a metal bump 5 embedded and formed in the insulation layer 1. The noise suppressing layer 6 has a function to suppress an unwanted emission and/or a noise and has a function as an etching barrier layer serving as an etching stopper in a step for forming the metal bump 5. Thus, the transmission cable can simplify a manufacturing process and reduce a manufacturing cost, and can suppress an increase of an electric resistance and a connection resistance between the ground line and the shield layer, thus capable of providing the transmission cable capable of fast transfer and large-capacity transfer with high reliability.

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JP 1,978,531

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