Pressure Bonding Device and Mounting Method

A compression bonding device 1 of the present invention has a dam member 24 so that when a pressing head 20 is pressed against an object to be pressed 10, the bonding part 22 is surrounded by the dam member 24. Thus, even if the surface of the bonding part 22 bulges by pressing, the bulging part is stopped by the dam member 24 and the surface of the bonding part 22 does not horizontally extend. As a result of the absence of horizontal extension of the bonding part 22, electric components 16, 18 of the object to be pressed 10 are not subjected to a force that horizontally moves them and the electric components 16, 18 are vertically pressed downward and connected to the terminals 12 of the substrate 11. Thus, an electric device 10a having high connection reliability is obtained.

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US 1,975,994

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