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Distillation of ionic liquids

Process for the distillation of mixtures containing salts with a melting point below 200 ° C at 1 bar (ionic liquids) contained, characterized in that - contains the cation of ionic liquid, a heterocyclic ring system with at least one nitrogen atom and all nitrogen atoms of the heterocyclic ring system is an organic have group as a substituent, - it is the anion of the ionic liquid is a compound with at least one carboxylate group (short-carboxylate) or at least one phosphate group (short-phosp

Hydrolytically Decomposable Ionic Copolymers

The present invention provides novel hydrolytically decomposable ionic copolymers. These ionic copolymers are made up of a cyclic ketene acetal A, an anionic or cationic methacrylic acid derivative B selected from 2-methyl-methacrylate, [2-(2-methyl-1-methylen-allyloxy)-ethane sulfonate, [2-(2-methyl-1-methylen-allyloxy)ethyl]-phosphonate or a quaternary amine of N,N-dimethylaminoethylmethacrylic acid (DMAEMA) and optionally a neutral methacrylic acid derivative C. According to the invention, hy

Biologically Modified Magnetic Activated Carbon (BIOMAC) for Water Purification and Other Applications

Removal of undesirable/toxic inorganic contaminants from waster water and drinking water is a major challenge owing to the stringent EPA regulations. Although, several methods have been proposed and shown to be effective for removal of these contaminants, large scale, economic removal will most likely be confined to adsorption or combined biological-adsorption processes. This technology produces powdered magnetically activated carbon (MAC) that be used separately, or with modifications with th

Osmotically-Driven Pump for Use in High Pressure Applications

Current designs of osmotic pumps that are used to deliver small amounts of fluids have limited control over the flow rate. The technology presented here is a high pressure osmotic dispense pump having a substantially continuous delivery rate and extended delivery times. The operation of the pump is using an osmotic process driven by a concentration gradient of solvent across a selectively permeable membrane. The membrane housing is designed such that consistent and accurate flow rates are ach

Electrochemical Method of Reducing Scale on or in Metal Pipes

Nearly all industries rely on hard water transport through pipelines for process water or heat exchange. In most cases the dissolved salts in the water deposit gradually on the pipe walls, restricting fluid flow and increasing pumping cost. Sometimes these deposits become so large that the pipelines must either be cleaned or replaced. Currently chemicals are added to process water to reduce scale build up. However, these chemicals are not very effective and can have adverse effects on the chemic

Expendable Beam Transmissiometer

This invention meets the needs of those expressing an interest in inexpensive sensor measuring tools for the measurement of water quality, clarity and environmental ground truth measurements in support of field experiments. The sensor can be launched using any of the three inch signal ejectors and will float to the surface where the probe is then released and begins “profiling” the water. This novel invention provides an unmatched combination of performance, miniaturization (in volume and we

Heated Element Velocimeter

The present invention is a heated element sensor for detecting the flow rate of a fluid or other physical characteristics of a fluid. The invention teaches driving the thermo-resistive element along a profile having at least two states and measuring the power and temperature of the sensor at each state. In this way a dissipation coefficient can be determined and fluid flow and other physical characteristics determined without the need for ambient temperature to be determined.

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