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Remediation of Spilled Oil by Oxidation in a Miscible Polar-Nonpolar Solvent System

Oil spills on land is a major environmental problem. Several methods of biodegradation of the spilled oils have been found to be ineffective. This technology describes a new method of ozonating the stagnated spilled oils with a miscible mixture of a polar and a non-polar solvent. The ozonation process breaks down the oil into a mixture of biodegradable or inert products. Benefits Remediation of spilled oils and other environmental contaminants Stage of Development A utility patent appli

Method for Metal Object Identification Using Three-dimensional Steerable Magnetic Field Antenna

Most electromagnetic induction (EMI) metal detectors use a loop antenna to create a magnetic field in the vicinity of a metal target for the purposes of detection and identification. One of the most important functions of a magnetic field antenna is to project a strong magnetic field at the site of the target. One of the consequences of the loop antenna’s complex spatial field strength is the fact that a metal target is excited with a complex magnetic field. When a buried target of unknown dep

Electrical Conductivity Object Locator

Currently, millions of objects remain buried worldwide ranging from small-sized land mines to large-size waste disposal and storage drums. Many of these sites are current and former DoD installations, which are coming under remediation or reclamation. These sites contain everything from the motor pool, laundry, landfill, to an array of abandoned ordnance. In addition the techniques to locate, identify and characterize buried objects such as reinforcing bars, fibers and cracks in concrete structu

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