Regional Head of Corn R&D, (LATAM)

Status: Search Completed
Award: $2,000 referral fee for each accepted referral.
An accepted referral is a lead that the client decides to follow up on.

Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc. is seeking a Regional Head of Corn R&D with the following qualifications.

Location Sao Paulo or Uberlandia, Brasil

Languages Must speak English. It is of added value if candidate speaks Portuguese.

Role purpose Lead achievement of Corn R&D breeding and trait program objectives within LATAM through effective execution of authorized projects and leadership of Corn Breeding Project Leads and Genetic Project Leads in LATAM

  • Member of the Global Corn R&D Leadership Team.

  • Accountable for successful delivery of Corn R&D breeding and traits projects in LATAM, on time and budget.

  • Based on corn strategic and investment plans for LATAM, set and communicate objectives for breeding and trait projects, and maintain assessment of status against objectives.

  • Maintain close connection of LATAM Corn R&D with Global Corn R&D, to co-evolve best practices in R&D project planning and execution, and maximize global leverage of germplasm, traits and processes.

  • Actively represent Corn R&D with the LATAM Territory business leads and LATAM Regional Product Evaluation, maintain understanding of product needs for LATAM corn and actively represent those needs in the R&D portfolio processes.

  • Lead mid- and long-range planning for Corn R&D breeding and trait projects.

  • Actively interface with the LATAM Regional Biological Assessment Management, for short and long-term demand and capabilities planning.

  • Prepare and manage yearly operational budgets and headcount plans for LATAM Corn breeding and traits R&D.

  • Cooperatively with Collaborations Management, accountable to identify, evaluate and manage collaborations for corn breeding and traits in LATAM.

  • In close cooperation with HR partner, lead and direct personnel management of Corn R&D personnel in LATAM, including appraisal, training and development and career planning to attract, select and maintain competent employees and ensure an efficient and effective functioning department.

  • Ensure compliance with Company legal and local guidelines, especially including trait and germplasm stewardship and encumbrance, and HSE, within the areas of accountability for LATAM Corn R&D.

  • Locally implement global quality management and performance tracking processes, to track and manage performance Corn R&D effectiveness in LATAM.

  • Actively promote ongoing innovation in Corn R&D, including improvements in reliability of timeliness of project delivery, global leverage, and cost-effectiveness.

Critical success factors & key challenges

  • Recognition as a technical leader
  • Lead effectively in a complex matrix organization
  • Drive success in a dispersed organization
  • Maintain a culture which promotes innovation, job satisfaction and team success Knowledge, experience & capabilities

Critical knowledge

  • PhD in Plant Breeding, Plant Genetics, Agronomy, Crop Physiology or related field
  • State-of-the-art understanding of plant genetics and plant breeding
  • Knowledge of budgeting, cost management, and basic accounting principles
  • Training and experience in principles of leadership and effective management practices Critical experience
  • 10 yrs+ experience in plant biology research, including experience in plant breeding, trait research and/or agronomy research
  • Experience in R&D organization management
  • Proven record of building and leading teams

Critical technical, professional and personal capabilities

  • Ability to plan and manage organizational change
  • Ability to resolve work priorities against resource constraints
  • Ability to think and plan strategically
  • Ability to communicate clearly at all organizational levels

Critical leadership capabilities

Sets ambitious strategic goals: Develop clever strategies and set aligned objectives for individuals and teams.

Focus energy on must-wins: Make tough decisions.

Coaches to release creativity and innovation, by enabling people to connect across functions and boundaries to spark innovation.

Manage Performance to ensure high standards: Skilfully plan, organize and monitor performance to meet deadlines.