Principal Challenge in Analytics Innovation 2018

The 2018 Challenge is now Closed

We all have dreams. Building a home; growing a business; traveling; sending children to college; retiring comfortably. To realize these dreams, people and businesses often turn to the financial markets to help protect and grow their assets. Unfortunately, the value of stocks, bonds, and other securities fluctuates with market conditions. There are no guarantees.

Consequently, businesses, individuals, and even governments partner with experts such as Principal® to help find the best investments to achieve their goals. As the world grows smaller through commerce and technology, it’s important to have the most objective and informed perspectives to determine when and where to invest.

Analysts rely on a mix of quantitative and qualitative methodology to help investors weather the market’s ups and downs. It’s not enough to be investment experts. Having the right data at the right time plays a critical role in successfully anticipating economic and environmental changes that may impact investment performance. Personalized solutions can be designed to help people live their best life today, and tomorrow.

Using the provided data sets of financial predictors and semi-annual returns, participants are challenged to develop a model that will help identify the best-performing stocks over time.