Different Views Cause Creativity

Interview with IdeaConnection Problem Solver
David Neslony teaches vocals, including proper diction for speaking and singing. He has also taught and played most stringed musical instruments. He is a "natural born" solution catalyst, seeing multiple paths to a solution where none seem to exist.

What attracted you to IdeaConnection?
The immediate responses I received from Paul Wagorn and Scott Wurtele. They have both replied promptly. They are not too big to take time for you.

How many challenges have you worked on?
I've worked on 6. So far I have won, and received payment for one solution.

How long did it take the group to come up with a solution?
The team had a solution and sometimes more than one in the allotted time.

What did it feel like when you found out that you had solved the challenge?
I was very happy.

What is the benefit of having a number of brilliant people working on a challenge as opposed to an individual operator trying to solve it?
When more than one person is involved in a project you get different views of the same challenge and this causes creativity.

What do you feel you have gained from the experience of working on challenges with IdeaConnection?
I've gained friendships and new contacts for continued collaboration.

How did having a facilitator help?
Having a facilitator is a plus, because it keeps the team focused and on-track.

Did you find the challenges difficult or easy?
Some of the challenges were difficult, some easy.

Before you start a challenge do you have an idea of what the solution might be?

Is that important?
Not really. After you hear the suggestions of others in the group, a vision begins to come together.

If you start with a good idea do you need to be flexible with it?
Sometimes, but it depends on the requests of the client as to how flexible a team can be.

I don't mind having a dominate person in the group, because I get to ask and suggest solutions that perhaps they haven't considered.

Overall, what are your thoughts about IdeaConnection?
I love IdeaConnection. It has opened a window of opportunity for me doing something I love.

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