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Interview with an IdeaConnection Problem Solver
Prasun Pradhan did his postdoctoral research in synthetic organic chemistry and catalysis, and is presently working as a scientist at TCGLS.

What attracted you to IdeaConnection?
I was interested in using my talents to tackle some of the challenges offered by IdeaConnection.

photo of Prasun PradhanHow many challenges have you worked on?
I have worked on three challenges, and have won an award for one.

How long did it take the group to come up with a solution?
After the team worked on the challenge for several weeks, we were happy to deliver a solution before schedule.

What did it feel like when you found out that you had solved the challenge?
It is a very amazing feeling; everyone wants to see his successful moments.

What is the benefit of having a number of brilliant people working on a challenge as opposed to an individual operator trying to solve it?
When a group of brilliant people come together then the ideas come to a brilliant ending. It is the best opportunity to know more from everyone sharing their ideas.

What do you feel you have gained from the experience of working on challenges with IdeaConnection?
Because it is a group job, we can share ideas and thoughts. It is the best way to gain knowledge on the subject.

How did having a facilitator help?
Some facilitators wants to understand the real problems and show some flexibility, but sorry to say, I did work with one that was bad.

Did you find the challenges difficult or easy?
A challenge is a challenge, it may be easy or difficult, but we have to solve it carefully.

Before you start a challenge do you have an idea of what the solution might be?
Naturally I worked on the challenges in which I am skilled. So from my experience and thoughts I try to understand the problem and think of ways to proceed based on my knowledge.

Is that important?
Yes, I think it is important to have a grasp on the problem before you try to solve it.

If you start with a good idea do you need to be flexible with it?
Yes, I am flexible on it, you have to be open to input from other team members and adjust your solution accordingly.

Overall, what are your thoughts about IdeaConnection?
I enjoyed working with IdeaConnection and look forward to doing more challenges with them.

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