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Interview with an IdeaConnection Problem Solver
Dr. Sandip Bharate has a PhD in Natural Products Chemistry from India with a postdoctoral experience in Medicinal Chemistry from USA. He is a pharmacist by profession and is interested in natural products and medicinal chemistry.

Sandip BharateA colleague introduced me to IdeaConnection, and I have come to realize it is a good platform to utilize and to share ideas with people to solve complex problems.

I have worked on one challenge for IdeaConnection, and won a partial award for the solution. I have also won five challenges from Innocentive, and received the Innocentive Top Solver Award 2009.

Our IdeaConnection team came up with four different ideas for the challenge, and then focused on the one that seemed the best. The challenge was interesting, but not too difficult. We had a good idea of what the solution may be when we received the criteria.

It was such a good experience to share knowledge and gain experience while working in a team, in spite of time conflicts from working in different regions of the world. We all contributed equally, and it was a great feeling to win the challenge.

I was forced to revisit a particular research area, and that helped me to freshen my knowledge, and gain recent advances in the area.

I think the concept of using open innovation to solve challenges is so valuable to businesses. Imagine being able to access so many talented people, so easily through companies like IdeaConnection.

I look forward to solving many more challenges, and meeting more interesting people at IdeaConnection.

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