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Interview with an IdeaConnection Problem Solver
Sanjay Parmar has completed his M.S. (Pharm) in Pharmacology & Toxicology from National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, India. He is currently working as a JRF on 'biomarkers/genetic markers in angioplasty patients' project at L. M. College of Pharmacy, India. This project is also a part of his PhD work.

Apart from Pharmacy, he has practical expertise in molecular biology and genetics. Sanjay has worked on many governments sponsored research schemes in the area of Asthma, Urology, and Diabetes. He has been awarded JRF by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India and also by Council of Scientific and Industrial Reaserch, India.

photo of Sanjay ParmarI came to know about IdeaConnection through browsing the web. Reading the problem solvers interviews encouraged me to join the group.

I have worked on two challenges and won both of them. Currently I am working on a 3rd challenge. Although at first, the problems were really challenging, the group work and discussion made them easy.

My strategy is to understand what seeker wants and what the currently available technologies/methods are. After that I can start working on filling the gaps between them. It is important to define a strategy, as it will provide right direction for problem solving.

In both the challenges our team came up with 2-4 ideas before finalizing one. In one challenge we had also submitted two different solutions.

Winning two challenges within two months was so amazing!! I can’t explain that feelings in the words. Apart from excitement of solving challenges, the award money was also so rewarding.

I think that providing a group setting to work in is the best strategy adopted by IdeaConnection. As one cannot be a master of the every subject, a group of people will fulfill this requirement and this is very crucial for the challenges as they require the application of many disciplines. Apart from this, the workload is also significantly reduced which gives sufficient time to each members to do their best in assigned work.

In my two previous challenges initially some persons were dominant but after few team meetings, all team members' contributions were significant. So in final answer, all members’ contributions were equal.

Working with peoples from different part of the world is really exciting and enjoyable part of the challenge solving process. Most of the members of my previous team are now my good friends also.

From my this experience of working on challenges I got lots of new information/knowledge about genetics and molecular biology. This will definitely help me in my research work. I would definitely like to work on more challenges. Solving challenges in different areas gives new energy to me in my routine life.

The Facilitator is the most important part of the team and co-ordinates team members of different background and differed opinions. In many situations Facilitator had helped our team to overcome various problems during work.

I am thankful to IdeaConnection to provide me such a global exposure. It is providing me a new exciting platform to work on different challenges. Apart from this, the award money is also good. Working on challenges at IdeaConnection is like my dream job!!

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