Team Synergy Produces Successful Solutions

Interview with an IdeaConnection Problem Solver
James Threadgill is a Polymer Chemist and has worked on various scientific problems in the Tampa Bay Area for about twenty-five years, including the Space Shuttle at Honeywell.

I was looking on the internet for a follow-up to one of the problems I was working on at the time, when I discovered IdeaConnection and signed up to be a Problem Solver.

photo of James ThreadgillSo far I have worked on three challenges and have won two of them. They were all tough problems. All the easy stuff has been done.

Although none of us had an idea of what the solution might be when we started, that was not really a problem. When you work as a team, it takes at least two or three weeks to fully understand what the Seekers real problem is. Most every solution has been thought of out of a group suggestion.

We came up with five different approaches before focusing on one. Because we had found many possible solutions and because of the high caliber of the team, I was encouraged that one of our solutions would be accepted.

When you work with a team of experts, the answer is more obtainable, by brainstorming with the group. You get a synergy that isn't possible when trying to solve problem by yourself.

Living in Florida, which is a real melting pot, I am used to working with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Although most of the time the challenge solution is more shared, sometimes it takes a dominant person to bring the process to a successful solution. But that depends on the people in your team, and the Facilitator that keeps the team on focus.

Working on challenges with IdeaConnection has brought me a real sense of accomplishment, and I find I like working at home on real scientific problems. I definitely enjoy the experience and hope that more assignments come my way.

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