Idea Rally®: Exciting and Thought-Provoking

Interview with an IdeaConnection Problem Solver
Dr. Vijay Dalal has research experience in three institutes that spans over ten years after he received his MTech (Applied Botany) degree, which includes research work performed during his PhD.

photo of Vijay DalalI heard about IdeaConnection's Idea Rally® when a colleague forwarded an email to me. This was actually my second participation in an Idea Rally®, and both sessions were really great.

Working and building ideas with one's peers is very exciting and pushes one's curiosity to a good level. Beside this, ideas from other contributors can give you a great insight into other possibilities in the science world. Reading and arguing about others' ideas is very exciting and thought provoking. It also builds on your knowledge. I recommended the Idea Rally® to 13 of my colleagues, and most of them decided to participate.

Having a facilitator is a good help if they understand the topic. They can prod participants to dig out useful and informative substance, otherwise the Rally could remain at a superficial level, without delving the topic deeply.

I think the Idea Rally® is a very good format where specific topics can be dealt with in each Rally session, so that there is no flood of irrelevant information for a participant.

It was very pleasing and satisfying to be declared a winner, a good experience overall!

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