Working on Contingency Encourages Us to Do the Job

IdeaConnection interview with Problem Solver Tomy Rudyanto
Indonesia-based Tomy Rudyanto works as a government expert on agribusiness. He’s a fisheries graduate who likes creating and innovating and answering research challenges that have not been solved. Recently, he successfully completed a technology scouting challenge and received $10,000 for his efforts...

photo of Tomy RudyantoI enjoy looking at all of the challenges posed by IdeaConnection and those I take part in I hope to win and receive the prize.

Tackling the Challenge
With the successful technology scouting challenge I worked on, I first spent my time identifying the given problem to get to the bottom of what the client company really wanted. Then I embarked on a literature search focused on the given issue.

I encountered numerous difficulties during the course of my research endeavors, especially the problem of language. I am from Indonesia and English is not my native language so I had to use Google translate with pieces of text, documents and papers that formed part of my research. When I had to get in touch with a company I had to use email rather than call.
Another difficulty for me is that many of the challenges are inconsistent with my educational background, so I try to read more literature related to them.

Winning the Prize
It was great to win the prize and it meant a lot to me. The money was $10,000 which can be used to buy a modest house in a small town where I live. However, I will be using the money for worship, to visit holy sites in Saudi Arabia.

Contingency and the Future
I think that working on a contingency basis, where we are only paid for results that are accepted is a great idea, because it gives us the encouragement to do the job.

I plan to take on more challenges with IdeaConnection and to give them my best work. I want to win the rewards so that I will be in a position to do more for my family.

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