Problem Solving is Instinctive for this Solver

Interview with IdeaConnection problem solver Abdulquadri Oyinlola.
By Paul Arnold
Nigeria-based Abdulquadri Oyinlola loves nothing more than to put his brain to work solving problems. To that end, he joined IdeaConnection and received an invite to take part in the Matrix Release Idea Rally.

Along with 90 other experts he worked on novel ideas to improve the release of a low molecular weight, hydrophobic volatile compound embedded in a matrix composed of multiple materials. This was his first major problem solving challenge with IdeaConnection and he received a financial award for his creative endeavors.

In this interview, Abdulquadri talks about his problem solving processes and his reasons for getting involved with the Idea Rally.

Abdulquadri OyinlolaI am just a person who naturally wants to solve problems. When I see a problem I feel the urge and the need to solve it. Also, it is a good way to be of use and a chance to earn some money.

Were you familiar with the subject matter of the rally?

I have more of a background in physics than chemistry but the methodology of solving problems is natural and instinctive to me. So when I see a problem my brain just naturally finds a way to solve it. I searched and read some information related to the challenge and I immersed myself in it to come up with a solution.

Do you have a specific approach to problem solving?

I don’t have a specific method of solving a problem. It just depends on how the problem comes to me. I like to do a period of research and gather information then I will conceive an idea. Most of the time I see a problem and naturally, my brain tells me this is a possible way out, this is a possible solution.

When did you start attempting to solve problems?

I started solving problems on websites when I was about 15 years old and so I have been doing it for a number years now although I never previously received an award from most of the challenges. The process of attempting to solve the problems is shaping my ability. So I have been honing my talent and making myself better at solving problems for a long while.

What is it that you enjoy about problem solving – the process, the solution or something else?

Although there is a moment of triumph when you come up with a solution that a seeker wants I would say that it’s the process that I enjoy the most, the process I have to go through. The brain keeps working and going off in different directions and tries to look at things from different perspectives which are needed to come up with a brand new solution that appeals to a seeker. I find this process really amazing.

How actively involved were you in the Idea Rally?

I was involved almost every day. It was my first Idea Rally and so I was just trying to do the best I could. During the first two days I was blending in and adapting to the system and during the next eight days, I was giving it my all.

And the work paid off because you received a cash award.

That was pretty awesome. This was my very first award for an innovation challenge and so I will always remember it.

What do you think of an Idea Rally as a way of solving problems and innovating?

I think collaboration is one of the best ways to solve problems. If you try to solve something in isolation you may think you have the best solution but that might not be so. You need to get fresh perspectives. With other people, you gain from their different perspectives, approaches and backgrounds and it’s a really good way to innovate.

Would you like to participate in more rallies?

Oh, yes of course. I am really looking forward to taking part in more Idea Rallies and more problem solving challenges in the future.

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