Astro Manufacturing and Design

Astro Manufacturing and Design has the in-house talent and technology to offer a broad range of general prototyping services. They can take your concept or idea and quickly and cost-effectively turn it into a durable, precision prototype, from a simple model to a fully functional product or assembly.

Their SLA rapid prototyping service is well-suited to producing master models and patterns for molding techniques, while their SLS rapid prototyping service is ideal for models that require functional testing, durability, and high heat deflection temperature. Regardless of your application, Astro Manufacturing and Design will find the right rapid prototyping solution for your unique project.

Types of Prototypes We Make

General prototyping in the following service areas:
Milling, Turning, EDM Machining, Heavy fabricating, Plastics, Urethane molding, Vacuum Forming, Injection mold tools, Medical implant device, General manufacturing, Painting, Silkscreening

Rapid Prototyping services include advanced stereolithography technology and selective laser sintering services.

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