Detekt Design

DETEKT offers fast and affordable prototyping services, including CNC machining, function mockup, rapid 3D printing, appearance prototypes, and demonstration prototype. They can also assist in creating a 3D CAD file from a design, and verifying engineered 3D CAD files.

Deket’s diverse international team of Product Development experts will tailor their services the client’s needs, including Product Analysis to Product Design, Engineering, Prototyping and Manufacturing. They take a stage-by-stage approach that allows their clients and partners to work through the development at a pace that suits them both.

Types of Prototypes We Make

DETEKT's product development and product manufacturing services cater for a wide variety of product development and production requirements, and can accept jobs of all sizes. Past projects include consumer electronics, household goods, and plush toys.

Prototype Development
Demonstration Prototypes
Function Mock-ups
CNC Machining
Rapid 3D Printing
Appearance Prototypes
Product Evaluation
Prototype Testing
Prototype Refinement

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