GPI Prototype and Manufacturing Services, Inc.

As one of the largest and oldest 3D metal service providers in the country, GPI Prototype & Manufacturing Services, Inc. has the expertise and ability to take our clients from early prototyping all the way to finished, small and medium run manufacturing. Specializing in Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) since 2009, GPI produces prototypes and parts with complex geometries not possible with traditional machining. Our engineers and consultants work with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies in the medical, aerospace and defense industries to university research facilities. Parts built at GPI are found in many applications including a celebrity’s vintage car and the SEDS 3d printed rocket scheduled for launch into space.

Types of Prototypes We Make

We have the ability to reverse engineer parts and build them in a variety of metals. Freed from the constraints of traditional manufacturing techniques and dedicated to innovation in the area of additive manufacturing, GPI helps our clients rethink and revolutionize the way their parts are designed and produced. With 25 dedicated employees and 10 metal additive manufacturing machines at our Lake Bluff, IL location, GPI can produce complex designs and fully dense parts from materials including stainless steel, cobalt chrome, maraging steel, titanium, aluminum and nickel alloy.

To further ensure the highest quality parts, GPI is pleased to be ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008, and AS9100:2009 Rev-C certified as well as ITAR registered.

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