Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc

At Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc., they draw upon their extensive experience in prototype metal stamping to bring your ideas to life. Using their rapid metal prototyping process, your concepts are transformed into custom prototype parts. This allows your company to build on the success of the initial prototype models.

The process of rapid prototype uses a three-dimensional virtual drawing, as from a CAD file, to automate the fabrication of a sheet metal prototype model. Prototype & Short-Run Services can produce sheet metal prototype models and prototype parts, then apply the process even more broadly, to manufacture production-quality parts in smaller numbers. Whether you're interested in a complete prototype model, or a prototype part, they can meet your needs.

Types of Prototypes We Make

Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc., produces precision metal stampings and prototypes to customers’ unique specifications. They have the skills, the experience, and the technology necessary to manufacture parts that meet the tight tolerances and dimensional requirements of some of the world’s most demanding industries, including:

and many others

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