T.P.I. Manufacturing and Design

T.P.I. Manufacturing and Design offers prototyping services through their full-service manufacturing and design facility. They service a wide range of industries, including semi-conductor equipment, medical equipment, and oil exploration equipment. Their focus is CNC machining and plastic injection molding, and their team can take your idea from concept to completed product through their rapid prototype process, or they can deliver production components from customer- supplied designs.

T.P.I. Manufacturing and Design is located just northeast of Austin, Texas, in a 17,500 square foot facility.

Types of Prototypes We Make

T.P.I provides production machining services, machining plastic, aluminum, or steel parts, in addition to other assorted materials.

Their machinists and toolmakers are adept in producing one-of-a-kind machined parts. They can also make or modify molds for their injection molding process.

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