Unearthing Innovative Ideas at Anglo American

Find out how Anglo American, a leading global mining company, is enabling cocreation between various business units to realize game-changing innovations.

Improving Collaboration Among Teams

There’s no shortage of ideas at Anglo American, but before Planbox, innovation accessibility, visibility, and engagement were not up to standard: in particular, workflows lacked structure, making for an uninspiring and unintuitive way to collaborate and develop innovative concepts.

Today, Anglo American is managing internal idea development workflows and communicating all innovation initiatives to every participant like it’s second nature to them.

One of the foundations of collaboration is innovation, and we were looking for a platform to enable quick and easy communications between all people in the business to understand which initiatives are going on, to exchange ideas, to improve existing initiatives, or to create new ones. Planbox is up to the task of being this platform for Anglo American Brazil, and it is helping us improve this collaboration among our teams, ” says Hamilton Oliveira, Business Improvement and Innovation Interim Manager, Anglo American Brazil

It’s All About the Workflow

Planbox has worked closely with Anglo American, adapting the platform to its unique processes to create customized workflows that have now helped unearth hundreds of concepts, some of which have translated into game-changing innovations in areas ranging from moisture measurement, community safety and readiness, and transportation and logistics.