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The Supernatural Museum of Creativity

By Peter Lloyd

It all began with a simple search for "creativity museum." A museum of creativity? Isn't that a contradiction of terms? Besides it wouldn't seem right to pause, contain, and display creativity, even if you could. But isn't that what art museums do? Not when we understand the difference between art and creativity.

Art represents just one of the products of creativity. You can't catch a force, an attitude, a spirit, or a moonbeam, and hold it in your hand, much less place it in a glass case.

Sure, I'm acting like a stickler, but folks who run museums present the results of creativity not the stuff itself.

So it was with blood in my eyes that I set off to investigate so-called museums of creativity. I turned up, as expected, all sorts of children's museums and creativity sites for kids. That reinforced my belief in the connection between creativity and youth.

Then I found Juniper Tangpuz "Your friendly neighborhood sculptor! with Juniper's reference to "The Supernatural Museum of Creativity." A supernatural museum? "This is going to be fun," I told my self.

Well, I went in a skeptic and left a believer. I don't care anymore about definitions. I'm just plain bedazzled with my friendly neighborhood sculptor.

To get to the heart of what Mr. Tanpuz does, take a few minutes to wathch his video brought to you by The Special Task Forces of Film & Photography in cooperation with The Underground Offices of Graphic Design.

You'll visit the The Department of Illustration and Life Drawing, The Center for the Advancement of of the Stencil, The Paper Wildlife Society, The Department of Animation Machines, The League of Kinetic and Non-Kinetic Sculpture, The Ministry of Ice Machines, and The Fellowship of Pop-Up Books.

I'm also impressed with Tangpuz's Declaration of the Artist:
I, Juniper Albert Tangpuz, hereby dedicate my life to exploring the diverse culture of art making. I believe that experience will help me understand the translation of visual languages into a lexicon of my artistic expression. I move forward with the intention of finding new paths both promising and perilous. I feel that art should not have any language barriers. It wants to say so many things. I feel that it’s important to my work that I understand multiple worlds and multiple disciplines to find point where everything is balanced and unified. With that much creative freedom I can truly go anywhere. I intend to follow the perpetual expedition. I feel honored to be a part of its grand design.

It reminds me of my own Creative License.

Other Museums of Creativity
Cultures of Creativity learn about the Nobel Prize, its founder, Alfred Nobel, and other laureates.

Creativity Museum Odd and interesting patents and crazy ideas, like the Fingernails Dryer.

The Online Museum of Creativity an exhibition of the work of the Minerd-Minard-Miner-Minor Family.

And the most outrageous claim of them all, The Creative Center of the Universe.

Peter Lloyd is co-creator with Stephen Grossman of Animal Crackers, the breakthrough problem-solving tool designed to crack your toughest problems.
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