Ezassi Inc.

At Ezassi, our technology scouting software uses a sophisticated searchbot and automated system to crawl the digital universe and search every corner to find the latest in emerging disruptive technology and innovators. By identifying specific keywords, traits, and attributes, to locate relevant information, technology and problems solvers, we are able to address our client’s cyber scouting challenges in real-time. Ezassi Inc. Go beyond your traditional line of thinking and identify adjacent areas for research and development that may not have even been on your radar. By utilizing a unique deconstruction technology-driven engine, we break down your core traits, piece-by-piece. Allowing to build on existing successes and capture specific characteristics that will reveal white space targets and lead to new, adjacent opportunities. Finally, proprietary searchbot technology will crawl the world wide web to unearth new solutions and innovators within the white space realm so that you have the tools to truly transform your business and your industry with innovative and disruptive solutions — finding your needle in a haystack.

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