High Spin

High Spin Licensing is an intellectual property broker based in Switzerland, and with offices in South East Asia, France, Canada, and the U.S.A. High Spin High Spin Licensing is spearheaded by professionals from relevant industries. The team of engineers, lawyers, and economist from High Spin Licensing has diverse qualifications and extensive industry experience. With these professionals in tow, they can execute any IP strategy plan and licensing projects as required by client companies.

High Spin Licensing and its team of intellectual property brokers can add value to any company looking for long term growth and stability. With High Spin Licensing, companies can expect significant revenues from their various intellectual property assets. By adding value to dormant and current IP assets, this IP broker can exploit new opportunities and markets to increase client profits.

High Spin Licensing builds on transaction-focused services. Out-licensing campaign is a dedicated effort to identify alternative uses and new markets intellectual property assets, while in-licensing includes reinforcing the client's IP position by providing access to technologies, and research and development at a low cost.

Top intellectual property brokers like High Spin Licensing also provide consultancy services that are relevant to commercialization of IP assets and IP monetization strategies. Consultation is available for licensing strategies, IP management, and valuation of intellectual property.

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