IP Pragmatics

The new knowledge economy has rendered intellectual property assets valuable to companies. However, most companies have no idea how to handle these assets that will allow them to get the most returns on investment. IP Pragmatics IP Pragmatics and its team of intellectual property brokers and analysts is a firm specializing in IP management and commercialization with focus on intellectual property related to life sciences. IP Pragmatics helps research outfits, innovators, and companies expedite their intellectual property assets for their benefit.

IP Pragmatics mostly works in research fields such as Agricultural Biotechnology, Animal Health Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, In Vitro Diagnostics, Medical Device Technology, and Microbial Technology.

IP Pragmatics works with these fields to provide the most effective route that will bring new ideas to viable markets. They preside over IP assets and finds a market that is willing to invest, license, or purchase these technologies. In addition, IP Pragmatics looks into each intellectual property and devises the best development strategy for them.

IP Pragmatics' global network of business contacts provides momentum so that these ideas can be introduced to relevant markets. Its team of intellectual property brokers and analysts can provide a qualified analysis of market demand for a particular technology, and describe market trends and factors that drive them. IP Pragmatics sets the environment for success as IP assets in the from client companies mature.

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