Munich Innovation Group

Based in Munich, Germany, the focus of Munich Innovation Group is on commercializing European high-technology owned by privately held companies, independent inventors and academic institutions. Multi-national technology companies are very interested to cultivate and diversify their IP and technology portfolios with the type of quality patents that European companies and inventors generate on an ongoing basis. Munich Innovation Group Our understanding of the intellectual property market and our broad industry expertise coupled with M&A and private equity know-how enables us to structure the best arrangements for our clients. Our business model is strictly success fee based and we are only rewarded if our efforts translate into a transaction.

We believe in the power of matchmaking ingenious innovations with organizations that have the market clout to turn them into successful products. We facilitate the decision making by providing full strategic insight for every innovation. In this, we apply a similar logic and approach used in corporate transactions for tangible assets.

Our team has a long-standing track record in business modelling, asset valuation, mergers & acquisitions and private equity and can thus support both buyers and sellers to structure a fair arrangement based on the intrinsic value of the IP.

Whilst we do have a particular focus on information technology and telecommunications, we also cover industries like engineering, medical and consumer goods.

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