Pluritas is borne out of two Latin words; Pluris which means "of great value", and Veritas which means "truth". Pluritas Pluritas is one of the successful internet property brokers based in San Francisco. Pluritas specializes in facilitating, managing, and advising intellectual property acquisitions and company mergers where intellectual property is the prime component of these transactions.

Pluritas assists intellectual property owners to sell their assets while finding buyers from a select group of corporate clients. By doing this, Pluritas effectively optimizes the market for intellectual property and increases the value of a company by fruitful returns from IP assets and investments.

The most critical aspect in completing successful intellectual property transactions is client confidence. Pluritas has developed an excellent reputation among companies in expertly navigating the risk and nuances of IP transactions while ensuring that the concerns of all parties are addressed.

Pluritas consists of professionals from multiple industries and they also work with key technical and intellectual property experts when needed.

Pluritas has worked with the most IP-savvy companies in the world down to individual inventors, angel inventors, and other parties to realize the optimal return on their investment or invention.

The advantages and added value that Pluritas can provide are access to new markets and emerging niches, smooth transactions for ownership, full protections of intellectual property rights, ability to add value through intangibles, portfolio management, technology development and transfer, and multiple sources of revenue for intellectual property assets.

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