Strategic Allies

At Strategic Allies Ltd, we have tremendous experience in the global search for innovative technologies, solutions, products, strategic alliances and other new business generating opportunities. Embracing all aspects of Open Innovation and often looking in places our manufacturing clients do not even know exist, we also understand the issues of confidentiality and sensitivity required to bring the right opportunities in what can often be disguised or complex situations. Together with our network of personally known facilitators, we have developed an energetic and tenacious approach valued by many clients across a wide spectrum of industry. Strategic Allies Our Open Innovation Search (OIS) is a continuous worldwide trawl. We tailor our nets to find innovative technologies, products and strategic alliances that meet your specific needs. We go beneath the surface to discover the real opportunities and then filter them further to allow you to focus on the best. From forging new alliances to adopting disruptive technologies, we find the best route to your future growth.

Large companies use this service in scouting for technologies and other opportunities. SMEs and early stage companies also use it to find the additional growth opportunities that they so frequently require.

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