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Via Licensing is a team of intellectual property brokers and specialists with experience in administering licensing programs for third party companies, and organization. Via Group Via Licensing handles a wide range of services with the main objective of facilitating intellectual property transactions such as licensing, sales of IP assets, and mergers and acquisitions where intellectual property assets are involved.

Via Licensing Corporation is an independent subsidiary of Dolby Laboratories. Dolby is one of the foremost innovators in audio technology, application, and entertainment.

Via has completed licensing transactions for Dolby and other companies. This excellent team of intellectual property brokers include specialist from fields like finance, anti trust law, patent analysis, and other related fields. Via Licensing is a premier intellectual property broker and leader in patent licensing administration services.

Like all other excellent intellectual property brokers, Via Licensing corporation believes that access of inventions and innovations to all is a key goal in cooperative development and standardization efforts of media technologies.

Via Licensing focuses on multimedia distribution and broadcasting where different industries and consumer segments participate in the creation, distribution and, the consumption of content. Via Licensing also creates and administers patent pools and patent licensing programs that enhance innovative technologies.

As an intellectual property broker, its list of services include but is not limited to, working with technical experts and patent evaluators, holding discussions and negotiations among patent holders, developing commercialization and IP licensing agreements, promoting licensing programs, and developing strategic business relationships.

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