Yet2 believes in the added value of intellectual property assets to companies. Yet2 is one of the leading intellectual property brokers who seek to manage and strengthen the company's leverage by increasing the value of their intellectual property. Yet2 The principal services of Yet2 include intellectual property appraisals and accessing technology solutions for their clients.

Intellectual Property appraisal consists of finding potential value in various intellectual properties. This process includes keeping up with technology trends, and realizing market opportunities for products and services with third parties. Yet2's extensive network of global partners enables clients to enhance their own resources to find gaps as they develop their own intellectual property assets.

Founded in 1992, Yet2 has worked with multiple companies over the years and have successfully brought companies together in ensuring that all parties maximize their return on investments. In this vast technology marketplace, Yet2 is one step ahead with advanced tools and industry expertise to acquire, license, sell, develop products, and conduct research and development based on client instructions.

Yet2 also offers comprehensive consultations so that companies can easily connect with trends and find ways to increase the revenue potential of their products. Yet2 clients make up 40% of the global research and development capacity from across multiple industries.

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