Agile was originally created for use by small teams, working together in a single location. But agile development can be challenging when used across multiple distributed teams, or on projects with long development cycles. Even in these more challenging situations, Accept 360 Agile delivers visibility, traceability, and quality – the central concepts of agile practice – and helps keep agile projects on track.
Accept360 Generate product ideas and priorities from across your ecosystem – including crowdsourcing from customers and other stakeholders. Provide traceability back to the source, so that any user story can be understood in its full richness and intent, not abstracted beyond usefulness with countless retellings.

Accept Agile supports the full range of Agile methodologies, including Scrum, Feature-Driven Development, Agile Unified Process, Extreme Programming, and more. Accept also supports planning methodologies like Stage-Gate™ and PACE, and even lets you create a hybrid system that draws the best features from multiple methodologies.

Accept360 Agile is an integrated module that's part of the Accept360 Product Innovation Suite. The suite comprises four modules that, when used together, deliver agility across ideation, planning, and execution.

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