Comapping is online software to manage and share information. Use it to take notes, plan and organize. It's a way to have one set of notes. One set of files. For everyone.
Comapping Comapping is the first mind mapping application made with keeping the limitations of a computer screen top of mind. It allows placement of mind maps, 2D charts and fishbone charts into Word/PDF/PowerPoint, HTML, Image documents. It often used both in the business process planning and education spheres. It stimulates students’ imagination and motivation, improves productivity. It’s easy to expand and create, to remember and overview, organize data and note more efficiently. Visual Comapping, based on mind mapping (this format brings visual interface that shows connections between the blogs of information text in map), helps people with information sharing and collaboration: promote team spirit, optimize business processes; and to be more creative with the help of brainstorming.

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