IdeaFlow® logo IdeaFlow® Innovation Management Software: Your company's own people may be your best resource for finding solutions to problems... but how do you access your vast knowledge base?

IdeaFlow® is an enterprise crowdsourcing solution that puts all of the resources of your company at your fingertips with an on-demand, human-powered knowledge management platform that is both scalable and secure.

When you need a solution to a problem, or have a question that needs to be answered quickly and confidentially, your very own people may be your best asset. Regardless of the size of your organization, someone in your company may already have a solution to your problem, or can give you valuable insight to help you get the answers you need.

The platform can be used for idea gathering, finding solutions to complex technical problems, finding information about suppliers and materials, getting scientific insight, and getting answers to tough questions.

IdeaFlow® allows you to keep sensitive information and challenges inside the company, but you can easily expand the search for answers to IdeaConnection's industry-leading, external global platform when required.

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